today was a fairytale…

Ahh. what an amazing weekend!! Yesterday we had Demet’s 7th Birthday Bash. Hotdogs and Chips. Icee pops and Cake! Slip N Slides and Water Balloons! It was sooooo much fun! Thanks to Everyone who came to spend the day with us and make it wonderful.  Demet ended up with some great gifts! Most of which have already been used, put together, played with, ect.. and he also ended up with gift cards and $$ with a total of $132.00!!!  He went to wal-mart today and bought a new bike (26in), toys for the pool, Star Wars Lego set, and another slip n slide! He total was $131.42 or something along those lines. !! =) We had a blast and I can’t wait to do it again!!!

Today my grandparents are out of town so we didn’t have our Sunday dinner as usual. So we did the wal-mart thing for Demet and also picked up little swimmers and floaties for Bella.. and headed to the Pool after lunch! We had so much fun! Bella is a little fish just like the other two! She loved going into the deeper water and kicking a splashing!! She loved watching all the kids swim and play too. We stayed for 2 hours and that was enough for Bella and Me.. lol Belle crashed as soon as she got into her carseat.. The pool has some amazing people there. I was flabbergasted by ALL the 2-peice suits that should not have been. I wore my tankini cuz I was a little worried about my “bella roll” .. and some of these girls had a whole pan of rolls and wore very tiny suits! Then there were the little girls.. (8 or so) that have suits that are too big and they slide right off of them in the water. lol. Poor things.  Must not have a mother to help them find a suit that fits.

Now we are home and relaxing. I still have to figure out what to have for dinner. Hannah made a roly and Demet had frozen waffles. I am tired, for no reason. Matt has tomorrow off work and I work at 11am. I have Hannah reading over my shoulder and this is not something I enjoy. Now she is telling me how bored she will be tomorrow and how going to work with me will be sooo much better. ugh! It’s not even 1 week into summer and Hannah is ALREADY BORED! I will ground her to her room if I hear this tooo often I think.  Better be be bored in a room where I can’t hear how bored you are. ;-p

Please send out your thoughts and prayers to Angela. She is having surgrey to place pins in her foot in the morning. She was having alot of swelling and the doc didn’t like the looks of it. And her pain was NUTS! So he thinks putting pins in will help the bone moving around. She is nervous and could really use all the prayers you can give!



birthdays & balloons

just a few things.. My baby Boy will be 7 tomorow! This is pretty bitter Sweet for me. I am excited for birthdays. I love watching him grow into a big guy.. but it makes me sad cuz that means we are closer to him giving me “the look” when I wanna cuddle or kiss him in front of his friends. =(

“Top Quality” water bombs are not so top quality. I have about 13 balloons done and about 30 in the broke/holey pile! not happy about that.

I still need to wrap Demet’s presents. I hope I have enough tape.

I wish my new bra’s from VS would get here before the party.. but I know they won’t. I want to wear my sundress tomorow.. but I’m not thinking the bra I have will work with it.

I love summer.

ugh. I hate ruined plans.

So. My work plans for the summer include Angela! On Thursdays (that would be today) she is supposed to watch Bella for me so I can work 11-7. BUT she was in a car wreak last night and this does not work into my plans. She is at Blessing Hospital waiting to see a foot specialist about her foot. She broke it in 3 places and my have surgery to get pins put in. Not what I wanted to hear. Not only do I get to be worried about her but now I have to worry about my summer hours at work. If you know me at all, you know that I am a planner. I plan monthes in advance for things that take one day to do! I need to have things worked out and have control of what is gonna happen.. If I were a shrink I would say that this stems from my childhood and moving every year and new dads every few year and my mom NEVER planning anything till the last second!! I NEED to have control over my life. And yet, I know that I NEED to give control to God and let him take the wheel. Maybe this is my lesson… I still don’t like it. Lexi is amazing enough to come over today and watch Bella so I can work my hours. Hopefully I can get Angela’s hours at work covered for the week.. (Pasha took Friday.. Paige maybe Tuesday.)  We were supposed to go get our pool passes for the summer tomorow.. not sure how anglea feels about going to the pool with a cast. =(  This is no good. No good at all. ugh.  Hopeully there will be no need for surgey and she can get back to work pretty soon… even if it’s for just a few hours a day.. can’t save money for a car if she’s not at work.

Today is the Offical First Day of Summer!!!!! Kids are home. Hannah is sleeping in. I slept till 8am. ahh. I Love summer.  Pool passes tomorow. These work at both pools and are unlimited on times you go!! Pretty excited about them. It took alot of tip money to save up and buy them!

I guess I should go get ready for work. I may be closes tonight. 11am-9:15pm. yea. sounds like a great day! lol supposed to be 11-7 but Angela was supposed to close tonight and so far NO one has texted me back about working tonight.  Oh well, Money is nice. =)

toodles ❤

So long day shift… till we meet again.

Tomorow is my last day opening at work  until August. (with the exception of the day’s that Matt took off so I’m gonna work days) I know that it will be AMAZING to sleep in. But I do miss days. I Love being home to put the kids to bed. The big kids will still be up but who knows if Bella will be. She makes her own hours. =) With much thanks to Angela and Lexi I will be able to work a couple 11-7 shifts and that will not only get me home earlier but I get more hours in a shift than the normal closing shifts.

ok. so this has nothing to do with summer or work… but I just turned it to Days of Our Lives.. hahaha. I turn it to Day’s like once every 2 years. Frankly, I just don’t understand how Bo isn’t with Hope. & who is the lady he is with?? I do have to say that Brady has a sexy voice. =)

Alena at work had her baby today. 7.6lbs 18 in long

I have to clean my house. And I don’t mean pick up, I mean REALLY clean. ugh. lol. I need to scrub parts of my house I forgot were there. But I also wanna wait to do it till closer to Saturday cuz i don’t wanna do it again before the party.

I ordered 2 new bra’s from VS. $12.99 and $14.99 .. Pretty excited for them to come. for one because I got new bra’s last year after bella when I was still nursing and now that I am not they are HUGE. lol.

I am pretty sure I need to buy a “skin” for my laptop. My phone one is so amazing and I really want one for my laptop too. =)

Apparently 4:20 is the worst time of the day EVER to watch tv. There is nothing on at all.

I guess I have written enough for now. =)


all in a days work.

Today at work went really smooth.  Had a little bit of VIA and Morgan helped out alot. Wasn’t too busy.. but busy enough to keep busy. =)  About 20 mins before it was time to leave I went back to get some mac & Cheese.. and Crystal went back to get some soup.. (Tomato) … and when she pulled up the bag, it broke open!!! And made a HUGE mess… and I was right in the path .. Yepp, that’s right. I got Souped!! ALL OVER MY BEHIND! I have since washed my pants.. (tan pants) and have sprayed them and they still have a nice orange mess on the back. These are my only work pants.. guess I’m lucky that it’s summer and I am starting to wear my capri’s!



Today was payday. I haven’t looked at my bills yet. I need to. I don’t want to. But I need to. ugh. lol. I think I am doing a good job of getting my doc bills paid off though. It would be awesome if they would STOP coming though. ;-p

Paydays are always bittersweet. Unless you don’t have anything you NEED money for and then they are AWESOME! I love getting paid. But then .. I come home and get online and make 5 or 6 clicks and BAM. I’m broke! Ugh. On a happy note. I got Demet a couple things for his bday today. =) New shoes and shorts, flip flops and a shirt.

LOST is coming on..

Gotta run.

A is for… Ants!

So. I hate ants. Somewhere they are getting into my kitchen. Sometimes my bathroom. They are not on my food.. just in my cabinets. But is that really any better? I sent Hannah down to Kmart to get some little ant “hotels” so hopefully it will take care if that issue. I tried to reason with the ants.. “you know I don’t wanna have to kill you… but you keep coming into my house. If you want to live.. just leave. tell your brothers.” But alas, apparently Ants can not be reasoned with. =(  Ugh. Now I feel like they are crawling on my.. hahaaa.. Oh. my. I crack myself up. Does anyone else remember that movie with ahh. I can’t remember his name and google isn’t working!!! What would I do without google.. I guess not have complete blog posts!.. ok. it’s back. Pauly Shore.. Son-In-Law… his name was Crawl. geez. that was alot of a little bit of info. lol

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