ugh. I hate ruined plans.

So. My work plans for the summer include Angela! On Thursdays (that would be today) she is supposed to watch Bella for me so I can work 11-7. BUT she was in a car wreak last night and this does not work into my plans. She is at Blessing Hospital waiting to see a foot specialist about her foot. She broke it in 3 places and my have surgery to get pins put in. Not what I wanted to hear. Not only do I get to be worried about her but now I have to worry about my summer hours at work. If you know me at all, you know that I am a planner. I plan monthes in advance for things that take one day to do! I need to have things worked out and have control of what is gonna happen.. If I were a shrink I would say that this stems from my childhood and moving every year and new dads every few year and my mom NEVER planning anything till the last second!! I NEED to have control over my life. And yet, I know that I NEED to give control to God and let him take the wheel. Maybe this is my lesson… I still don’t like it. Lexi is amazing enough to come over today and watch Bella so I can work my hours. Hopefully I can get Angela’s hours at work covered for the week.. (Pasha took Friday.. Paige maybe Tuesday.)  We were supposed to go get our pool passes for the summer tomorow.. not sure how anglea feels about going to the pool with a cast. =(  This is no good. No good at all. ugh.  Hopeully there will be no need for surgey and she can get back to work pretty soon… even if it’s for just a few hours a day.. can’t save money for a car if she’s not at work.

Today is the Offical First Day of Summer!!!!! Kids are home. Hannah is sleeping in. I slept till 8am. ahh. I Love summer.  Pool passes tomorow. These work at both pools and are unlimited on times you go!! Pretty excited about them. It took alot of tip money to save up and buy them!

I guess I should go get ready for work. I may be closes tonight. 11am-9:15pm. yea. sounds like a great day! lol supposed to be 11-7 but Angela was supposed to close tonight and so far NO one has texted me back about working tonight.  Oh well, Money is nice. =)

toodles ❤


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  1. Angela
    May 29, 2010 @ 03:06:38

    sounds to me like all your worried about is you, and your plans..i’m sorry i was so inconsiderate to have gotten in a car wreck and ruin all your plans, but that’s the hand i was delt. i’ll be doing my best to get back to work when i’m capable…but right now, all i’m worried about is getting my broken foot healed, and making sure it will be functionable for the rest of my life. yeah, it would be nice to have a car…but some things came in the way of that…and i guess i’ll have to take a step back and wont get it as soon as i hoped…but i will get a car, and things will get better…glad you were concerned.


  2. leaphart2
    May 29, 2010 @ 05:31:56

    I’m sorry if you read it that way. that is not what I meant for it to be. I stress about things diffrently and part of my dealing is planning. It’s not just MY plans that were ruined. It’s yours too. I don’t care if you have a car, that is what you were worried about and I know that you still need one.. when your better. I also wanted to make sure that your shifts were covered at work, not for me but for the others at work that need an extra person there. ( I posted it in hopes that someone would see it and ask for a shift) I worry about alot of stuff I can’t control. I worry about your bank charging you for not having direct deposit and money being added every month… then taking what you DO have saved to pay for your acccount. You REALLY should know ME better than to think that I would be more worried about ME! My work hours that I was so worried about, helps my family eat and pay bills. It’s not like it’s money for a shopping day for me. I want you to get TOTALLY healed and not mess up your foot any more than it already is, Which is why I am having Lexi come 2 times a week till your all better. NOT only for me, but for you too, you can’t take bella up and down stairs and expect your foot to heal right, not if the doc said you can’t be on it!
    I can’t believe you really thought so lowly of me. I am sorry that you thought that I care more about myself than what your going through.
    I feel bad that you won’t be able to swim, play games at the reunion, take walks in the summer nights… I think ALOT about the stuff that your going through, but because I am thinking OF you I choose not to bring ALL of it up because it would make you feel worse.
    I know your strong and can do what needs to be done to get better! You’ve survived 2 wreaks in less than 6 monthes! I wouldn’t be getting back into a car anytime soon. I am such a baby when it comes to that stuff.
    If you wanna hear more about what I think about I can tell you but I figure this will make you mad enough. I love you. your closer to me than my sisters. I hope to see you tomorow.


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