birthdays & balloons

just a few things.. My baby Boy will be 7 tomorow! This is pretty bitter Sweet for me. I am excited for birthdays. I love watching him grow into a big guy.. but it makes me sad cuz that means we are closer to him giving me “the look” when I wanna cuddle or kiss him in front of his friends. =(

“Top Quality” water bombs are not so top quality. I have about 13 balloons done and about 30 in the broke/holey pile! not happy about that.

I still need to wrap Demet’s presents. I hope I have enough tape.

I wish my new bra’s from VS would get here before the party.. but I know they won’t. I want to wear my sundress tomorow.. but I’m not thinking the bra I have will work with it.

I love summer.


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