Listen before you act.

Some of you know I had a bad day yesterday. If you know me at all you know that I let things I have NO control over eat at me and bother me till I am a mess.  I hate to be a disapointment to anyone and I don’t do things that might upset someone else if I can help it. My biggest pet-peeve is being talked down to! I HATE HATE HATE being talked to like I am a child. I am 30 years old. I have 3 kids. I take my job and life seriously. I understand alot of different points of view.. that doesn’t mean I agree with them. As managment you should never use your title to act like your better than me. YOUR almost 70 and the biggest thing you’ve done in YOUR life in run a KFC and you stopped doing that. You hate your son and his wife! (great way to shut out your only child) and you run around doing “your stuff” being basicly saying “screw you” to other people when they need help at 6pm. Maybe if you would have come up to me LAST week and talked to me and asked me questions instead of ignoring me cuz you were mad at me.. you woulda found out my side. You told everyone other person about how upset you were. Frankly, that is not how you do managment. I also do not think it was right to tell other people you were gonna write me up and discuss the isssue with other employee’s, even before you talked to me about it! As a manager you should know better. I did what I was supposed to do to take care of the problem. it is NOT my fault that the ball got dropped! That is not right at all. I work hard. I have NEVER called in sick.. (EVERYONE but 2 people have called in sick.. you included)  I come to work and do what I am told. I hardly ever argue with anyone. I keep my mouth shut when you do something stupid! I even try to help you with your “diet”. I hate that you thought I could just say “screw you” to my fellow workers and not come to work when you thought I was supposed to be there. If you would have asked you would have known that I can’t come before 11! I have talked to other managers about this and NO one else has an isssue. Just you! I’m sure it will not get resolved. I will not get an  “i’m sorry” ..You will just watch me and wait for something else to happen so you can fire me. I will not wait for that. God will open up new doors and I will move on. I love my fellow co-workers .. (most of them) and the customers are amazing.. (most the time) But I am stressed because of the way I am treated by my manangment. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to make you happy. It’s a freaking resturant … as someone a long time ago told me… “it’s just sandwiches”


Happy Birthday to my “Nephew”, Jadyn Tyler Fletcher.  =)

Here’s to a better day today and a great rest of the week.



A little bit of nothing. .. wait did I already name a blog that? oh well.

I really have nothing new to report. As I sit here and watch Napoleon Dynamite I thought I should update the blog.. even though I get like one hit a day. If that! ugh. lol. and now you know why I stopped writting the last one I had. Maybe if I was as awesome as Lafonda I would have hits on my blog. hehee. This movie has some of the best quotes in it.

Hannah is once again gone. She is at my grandparents and then to her dad’s on Saturday. Demet left his DS out in the tree house .. and forgot.. it rained like everyday the whole time it was missing. Which was like 4 days.  So now he is without it. We are pretty sure that the battery got to damp to keep a charge.  He is a busy boy and is almost always at a friends house playing. Arabella is such a big girl.  She is starting to get braver and standing on her own every little bit. She is working on her blocks and shapes. She really enjoys her books. and Dora. =)

After the girls had their Doctors appointments on Monday I looked back in all the baby books to see where Bella is at compared to Hannah and Demet.  I know you are all wondering too… So here it is.

Hannah (born) – 6lbs 5oz & 18 3/4 in long     (1 yr) – 19lbs 4oz &  28 1/2 in long

Demetrius (born)  – 9lbs 1oz & 20 1/2 in long    (1yr) – 23lbs 12oz &  30 3/4 in long

Arabella ( born) 8lbs 12oz & 20 in long   (1yr) – 24lbs & 30 1/4 in long

So are you can see.. Bella was my middle baby in size but she is not my biggest. But just by a little bit. Not that anymore was really asking. lol. I just like to look at that stuff. She is in the 90% for heigh and weight right now.

Demet and I are really in to watching the Avatar (the last Airbender) on Nicktoons. They have a movie coming out next month so every night they are playing the seasons in order and like 3 episodes. I have to catch up before the movie comes out. lol. It’s like a real show. You have to keep up with who people are and what they do.. every episode connects to the last one. And it’s a cartoon. It’s a really good story line. So Demet and I stay up and watch these shows till like 12am and then hit the sack. We are gonna have a mommy/son night and go see the movie when it comes out. I have to say.. I am pretty excited about it. =) I really have nothing in common with my 7 yr old son and this is something we can do together. ( we have been reading his mother/son bible every night too though) 

Anywho. I think I am gonna go make some mac n cheese.


Happy Fathers Day

It’s been about a week since I blogged.. So I thought I would write a little something today. 

First off .. HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the Father’s the read my Blog.. =) and that would most likey be my wonderful husband Matthew.. and my Father in Law, Terrell… and Maybe a couple others.  I could go on and on about how amazing Matt is.. but his head is big enough. (Giggle) But for real, He is the most amazing father and husband. As most of you know, I didn’t really grow up with a father.. or dad, So besides my wonderful grandfather I really never saw what a dad was supposed to be. Matt is so awesome. ( of course he learned it from his dad) He has no problem getting his  “hands dirty” when it comes to the kids. Plays with them, cooks, cleans up after them.. anything that they need he provides. He is a very hands on daddy. and not to be out done.. He is also a great husband. I would name the stuff he does for me but frankly my hand would get tired. =)

Well, I don’t really feel like typing  anymore and I am sorta hungrey. Sooooo Goodnight all.

Toodles ❤

Happy Birthday Arabella

In Honor of Arabella’s 1st birthday.. I am posting her birth story for you to enjoy. =) I sure love rereading it.  I just can’t believe she is already 1. I may have to cry about it… Enjoy..

The following took place on June 11th 2009

Thursday Morning at 2:15am I woke up with my water broke. Only I wasn’t sure that my water broke so I waited for a little bit before I woke up Matt. At about 2:30AM I woke matt up and told him to get ready. We got ready and got the bags together.I texted my Aunt and had her send someone over to stay with Hannah and Demet. And texted my mom so she would let my grandma and Debbie know.{ I texted most of everyone else once we got checked in} We left for the hospital and got up to Labor and delivery about 3AM. I got checked and was at 4-5 cm and YES my water had broken. I had to ask if I was having contractions because they weren’t strong…I was having them about every 5-6 mins she said. I answered tons of questions… and got all set up. I talked to the nurses… and told them how quick I go so that the were prepared. My mom came in and stayed with us. She helped rub my back and talked to me between contractions. At about 5AM they checked me again and said I was a “good” 5cm. I asked when they would call the doctor and she said when I was about 8cm. I warned her again that I went from 6-10 with Demetrius in 20 mins. By this time I could feel ALL the contractions and they HURT! My belly, My back.. ohhh.. I forgot how bad they hurt. She came back and checked my at 6am.. I was a “good” 6cm.. which is code for almost a 7.. lol. She told me if my contractions felt any different to hit the call button ASAP!!! She left the room and I had a contraction that was soooo not the same… Matt hit the call button and she ran back in… She checked me and said I was 8cm!{my mom left to go wait in the waiting room} Of course the doctor isn’t there yet. It’s about 6:15ish. It was pretty crazy in there for awhile. Everyone getting ready.. and the pressure was sooooo nuts! I hate that part! The nurses were AWESOME though. They told me over and over how well I was doing. And so was matt. I felt so much pain and pressure that I thought I was gonna rip in half. I couldn’t help but push a little… and a little more. I think I may have yelled once.. lol.. But I kept saying sorry cuz I didn’t wanna be a nut. The doctor came in just as Arabella was crowning. She was born at 6:33AM. 8lbs 12oz and 20 inches long.

Rain, Rain Go AWAY!!!!

It is yucky outside. I am not a fan. It is cool and rainy and gross and stormy. I do not like storms.

Demet has Blue Devil Basketball Camp this week. It is very nice to see him interact with the boys and grow with his skills. He is getting really good at dribbling. I enjoy going and chatting with the other mom’s and watching him play. Team Sports are a great way for kids to learn alot of different skills.

Hannah went to my grandparents last Thursday… they took her to her dad’s on Saturday, and my grandma is picking her up today.. And she  is planning on staying the rest of the week in hannibal with them. We’ll see if they bring her home early. =)

Arabella’s birthday is on Friday. This is pretty exciting.. and very sad. Ah, Mixed feelings .. makes me wanna smile and cry at the same time. I bought her a tiara to wear for her birthday and for her party. I am hoping she keeps it on .. at least for pictures.

I really have nothing new to write about myself. I am a  pretty boring person I guess. Friday will also be 9 years since Matt and I started talking for the first time in an AOL chat room. You think, “wow, she can remember that?”…. and the answer is nope. lol. Matt did and now that it’s Bella’s birthday I remember it too. 

Quote from my Grandma..                                                                                                                                “Kristie, your lucky to have Matt. He really loves his kids and helps out alot around the house.. and he loves you.. and that is really hard to find.”                                                                           

 “Grandma, did you just say that it’s hard to find someone that loves me?”…

I love her.. lol



I remember back in the day.. when Friday was the end of my week. Not so much anymore. I have been working Saturday’s  for awhile now. It helps pay off my “baby bills”. I will work every other Saturday this Summer and then when school starts I will go back to having EVERY Saturday off!!! Frankly, I will be HAPPY to have them off again. I think everyone is getting used to me working them and frankly, so am I, and I do not like it. lol. I would like to have my 2 days off a week again. 

I work today at 4:15 and then picked up some hours tomorow and work 5:30am-1:15pm. I am NOT excited about getting up at 5am. but I am excited about my work day ending at 1:15. =) Nights are not harder or easier than days. But it’s just so different. If you remember back a few blogs ago about me being a planner… I KNOW what I need to have done at what time and when i am behind or ahead, when I open… When I close it is a different story. I think I do a pretty good job. It’s so easy and yet it takes time for such small things.

(this has NOTHING to do with this blog.. but I was just looking at Demet’s friends head.. and it’s HUGE. I’m pretty sure he needs a hair cut… but he looks like a bobblehead. )

anywho. back to ME! =)

I was looking on ebay for some clothes. I could really use some more shorts .. not capri’s. Shorts. But I hate the ones that are so short you can see my “goodies” and I hate the ones that look like I could wear them to church camp. I need stores here that I can go to and try on some stuff. I need a real Mall. And I am pretty sure IF I went to a real mall with the stores I want then I could get a better deal than ebay too! Oh well. I am pretty sure I am smaller than I was before I had Bella. I now wear a 10/11 ( depending on what brand) and before I had her I was a 11/12 .. Now. I know this may not seem like alot.. but to someone who can’t really loose weight.. it is a big deal. All the shorts I bought after I had Bella no longer fit me. I could fit me and hannah in the waist of them.

Speaking of Hannah. I am having a hard time finding shorts for her too. She is too tiny! Every time she tries some on, they look HUGE! even if they fit around the waist. Baggy crotch is NOT a good look. Just saying…

I need to order Arabella’s Birthday cake tomorow. !!! ONE WEEK is her birthday! But we will be having her party on the Sunday after.  I also have to buy her birthday gifts.  =)

Ok. I think I am gonna go find something for lunch. and then get my make-up done for work. Maybe I will get some hits on my blog when I post this on FB. =)


randomness that is me

So I am pretty sure that my blog is messed up. At the top I am supposed to see this whole list of stuff and none of it is there. I had to hunt just to be able to write this blog. So you should be very excited to read this very random blog. =) I have NOTHING to write about. I have NOTHING new to report. I am just just gonna type and see what happens.

I hate it when I am typing and my 11 year old daughter sits here and waits for me to mess up a word, just so she can tell me that I messed and or spelled something wrong. I am ever so happy that is is smart, and can spell super great.. It does not mean, however, that I wanna know that I suck!

I love it when the sun is shinning and I can wear flip flops and shorts. I am pretty sure that Sunday we might just head back to the pool. =) Wavering Pool this time. Bella really does love the water.

I miss my bestie. She moved FAR away from me. I wish she were here so we could hang out and talk  more often.

my shorts make my thighs look HUGE when I sit. Fat thighs = total bummer

I am super glad that Demet loves the outdoors. He will play outside ALL day. This makes me happy cuz I am not a fan of the outdoors.  I do however LOVE nighttime summer walks.

my grandparents are eating at Olive Garden for lunch today.. (if they can get to it, my grandma says) this makes me hungrey. Well, I guess I could go get some lunch. =)