randomness that is me

So I am pretty sure that my blog is messed up. At the top I am supposed to see this whole list of stuff and none of it is there. I had to hunt just to be able to write this blog. So you should be very excited to read this very random blog. =) I have NOTHING to write about. I have NOTHING new to report. I am just just gonna type and see what happens.

I hate it when I am typing and my 11 year old daughter sits here and waits for me to mess up a word, just so she can tell me that I messed and or spelled something wrong. I am ever so happy that is is smart, and can spell super great.. It does not mean, however, that I wanna know that I suck!

I love it when the sun is shinning and I can wear flip flops and shorts. I am pretty sure that Sunday we might just head back to the pool. =) Wavering Pool this time. Bella really does love the water.

I miss my bestie. She moved FAR away from me. I wish she were here so we could hang out and talk  more often.

my shorts make my thighs look HUGE when I sit. Fat thighs = total bummer

I am super glad that Demet loves the outdoors. He will play outside ALL day. This makes me happy cuz I am not a fan of the outdoors.  I do however LOVE nighttime summer walks.

my grandparents are eating at Olive Garden for lunch today.. (if they can get to it, my grandma says) this makes me hungrey. Well, I guess I could go get some lunch. =)



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tomi Freakin Fletcher
    Jun 01, 2010 @ 18:19:36

    hiiiiiiiiii! Iloveyouthatisall.com


  2. leaphart2
    Jun 01, 2010 @ 20:09:42

    =) I love you too


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