I remember back in the day.. when Friday was the end of my week. Not so much anymore. I have been working Saturday’s  for awhile now. It helps pay off my “baby bills”. I will work every other Saturday this Summer and then when school starts I will go back to having EVERY Saturday off!!! Frankly, I will be HAPPY to have them off again. I think everyone is getting used to me working them and frankly, so am I, and I do not like it. lol. I would like to have my 2 days off a week again. 

I work today at 4:15 and then picked up some hours tomorow and work 5:30am-1:15pm. I am NOT excited about getting up at 5am. but I am excited about my work day ending at 1:15. =) Nights are not harder or easier than days. But it’s just so different. If you remember back a few blogs ago about me being a planner… I KNOW what I need to have done at what time and when i am behind or ahead, when I open… When I close it is a different story. I think I do a pretty good job. It’s so easy and yet it takes time for such small things.

(this has NOTHING to do with this blog.. but I was just looking at Demet’s friends head.. and it’s HUGE. I’m pretty sure he needs a hair cut… but he looks like a bobblehead. )

anywho. back to ME! =)

I was looking on ebay for some clothes. I could really use some more shorts .. not capri’s. Shorts. But I hate the ones that are so short you can see my “goodies” and I hate the ones that look like I could wear them to church camp. I need stores here that I can go to and try on some stuff. I need a real Mall. And I am pretty sure IF I went to a real mall with the stores I want then I could get a better deal than ebay too! Oh well. I am pretty sure I am smaller than I was before I had Bella. I now wear a 10/11 ( depending on what brand) and before I had her I was a 11/12 .. Now. I know this may not seem like alot.. but to someone who can’t really loose weight.. it is a big deal. All the shorts I bought after I had Bella no longer fit me. I could fit me and hannah in the waist of them.

Speaking of Hannah. I am having a hard time finding shorts for her too. She is too tiny! Every time she tries some on, they look HUGE! even if they fit around the waist. Baggy crotch is NOT a good look. Just saying…

I need to order Arabella’s Birthday cake tomorow. !!! ONE WEEK is her birthday! But we will be having her party on the Sunday after.  I also have to buy her birthday gifts.  =)

Ok. I think I am gonna go find something for lunch. and then get my make-up done for work. Maybe I will get some hits on my blog when I post this on FB. =)



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  1. Tomi Freakin Fletcher
    Jun 04, 2010 @ 21:49:05


  2. Jen Drew
    Jun 05, 2010 @ 03:08:27

    I love summer. My schedule changes to this…go to bed when I want for me and the kids and get up when we want. Ahhh. Today we got up, played at home, did some cleaning, had lunch, headed out to Sheridan. Came home to hubby making dinner. Went to the basement to avoid the TORNADO that never happened and folded about 4 baskets of laundry down there to put away tomorrow. Plans for Saturday – head to the library for summer kick off and watch Zoe dance, put away laundry that was folded, and go back to Sheridan if the rain decides to go away. Again – ahhhh – I love summer!


    • leaphart2
      Jun 05, 2010 @ 20:50:16

      hahaa.. Yea. I LOVE summer too Jen! I got the pool passes this summer for the kids and I and we will be heading to wavering on the days I work later. =)


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