Rain, Rain Go AWAY!!!!

It is yucky outside. I am not a fan. It is cool and rainy and gross and stormy. I do not like storms.

Demet has Blue Devil Basketball Camp this week. It is very nice to see him interact with the boys and grow with his skills. He is getting really good at dribbling. I enjoy going and chatting with the other mom’s and watching him play. Team Sports are a great way for kids to learn alot of different skills.

Hannah went to my grandparents last Thursday… they took her to her dad’s on Saturday, and my grandma is picking her up today.. And she  is planning on staying the rest of the week in hannibal with them. We’ll see if they bring her home early. =)

Arabella’s birthday is on Friday. This is pretty exciting.. and very sad. Ah, Mixed feelings .. makes me wanna smile and cry at the same time. I bought her a tiara to wear for her birthday and for her party. I am hoping she keeps it on .. at least for pictures.

I really have nothing new to write about myself. I am a  pretty boring person I guess. Friday will also be 9 years since Matt and I started talking for the first time in an AOL chat room. You think, “wow, she can remember that?”…. and the answer is nope. lol. Matt did and now that it’s Bella’s birthday I remember it too. 

Quote from my Grandma..                                                                                                                                “Kristie, your lucky to have Matt. He really loves his kids and helps out alot around the house.. and he loves you.. and that is really hard to find.”                                                                           

 “Grandma, did you just say that it’s hard to find someone that loves me?”…

I love her.. lol



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