“The clouds I can handle. But I can’t fight with an eclipse.” – Jacob (Eclipse Chapter 26)

Busy Week = Amazing Week!

Last Monday Sucked. Tuesday was better..

Wedesday = Super Awesome. I went to dinner and a movie with some friends.. Mexcian was the food. Eclipse was the movie! People were smart at the theaters and they opened up alot of theater space for the show. =) Not too bad of crowds. It was pretty Awesome!! The Cullens get Cuter with each moive. Even Jasper was a little sexy when he got all bossy. lol.  I have to say Emmitt is my favorite though.  The books are so much better than the movies. I like the details and the quotes that they didn’t have the time to fit into the movie.  All in all it was really good. I enjoyed it and each one gets better.

I am burning up! ugh.

Thursday. .. Not much to write about. Work. Friday.. Work…

Saturday was pretty great too. I worked in the morning. Got off and took Hannah to the pool and then Demet and I headed to go see “The Last Airbender”. If you had seen any of my late night posts on FB a couple weeks ago, you’d know that Demet and I started watching all the Avatar  – The Last Airbender shows on TV. It is a Great series. A cartoon that you have to watch to know what is going on. It has Seasons and episodes you need to watch to see what happens to the kids that are the main people in the show. Demet and I enjoyed the movie. (which will be have another 2 movies to come) We have never had a mommy/son date and it was really fun. We got popcorn and soda and giggled and we had a blast.  Then after the movie we headed home to pick up daddy and Bella and we joined Hannah at the pool for a couple hours.  It was a little breezy but still nice and since it was late it was pretty well cleared out. ;-p  Then we went home to change and went to eat at Wendy’s. Much to our surprise we ran into my BFF’s  (and mine) dad and family.. and along with them my sweet “nephews” from Texas! I hadn’t got to see them since they came back to visit this summer yet and was so excited to see them. Jadyn and Jayce get so BIG everytime I see them!! Demet and Jadyn get along so well and we are working on a sleepover for them hopefully later this week. =) Then my girls and I went shopping.

Sunday (4th of July) .. We headed to Church then down to the Grandparents for a yummy BBQ and great visits. Then Matt, the kids, and myself headed to downtown Hannibal to check out the crafts and rides of Tom Sawyer Days. We saw some really cool stuff and the big kids got to ride a couple rides a piece.  Then we headed back to hang out with grandma and grandpa before we went to my mom’s for Fireworks ! =) We had a pretty good turn out and about 2 hours of Fireworks to set off. Matt was the great fireworks master. Bella enjoyed the smaller ones and only cried once.  We picked some really pretty ones this year! We headed home around 10:50pm.

Then it starts over… lol.. Today was good. My mean manager has been calm. and pretty nice to more than just me. =) I guess I should head down to bed. I’ll take my book. It’s cooler downstairs and I am so hot.  I miss my Bestie! and I hope she gets Vacation SOON!!!!  ps. Don’t forget to send Bella’s bday. ;-p



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