3 weeks left.

Wow! Summer has flown by. Last blog I wrote I was sitting in my garage, making some money for our trip to St. Louis.  St. Louis was Great! It was a nice mini-vacation. We did alot in a short amount of time. Got together on Sunday (07/11) with Jessi, Mike and Mikey. and Headed over to Grants Farm. It was really neat. Jessi and her family were great tour guides! and Demet had a blast with Mikey.  The Poe’s headed home so Mike could relax and Jessi could start dinner. Matt the kids and I went over and checked out the historical home on the site. It was very neat. and I enjoyed it.  Afterwards we were invited to the Poe’s to have the most YUMMY Bbq!!! Thanks Jess and Mike!!!

On Monday we headed to IHOP for breakfast before heading over to the Mall. =) We shopped until everyone but Hannah and I dropped. lol. Demet bought $13 in gummy candy and Hannah got a new top from Abercrombie. I got a sweet pair of shorts from Guess and some cute tops.

On Tuesday we headed to the Zoo. We met the Drew’s there. Demet, Zach, and Zoe were surprised to see eachother. It was cute  to watch Demet with his friends.  They played and walked ahead of us and chatted, totally adorable. The Drews had to head home early, but we closed the place down. =) It was Hot but fun. Did you know it is the Zoo’s 100 year annivesary? Then we headed to Olive Garden before heading home.

Then we have a boring week and a half or work before my amazing Reunion Weekend! We left Quincy around 11am and headed to Kirksville. The drive was an easy one for sure. We got to the hotel and checked in and the headed to pizza hut to eat some lunch. Went back to the hotel and swam while we waited for my newest friend, Aimee and her husband Randal and son Luke. Of course, we are also related. =)  We hung out for awhile by the pool and then got changed and just talked for awhile downstairs. Around 5:45 (after the crazy storm had passed) we headed out to Carmen and Hal’s for a BBQ. OMGosh! Why didn’t anyone ever tell me to come ealry before!?!? It was soo much fun I have decieded to go early every year! It was great to see everyone and to hang out and just get to know family a little bit better.  I learned a little bit about getting a Hog ready to cook.  It was really cool. Kristy and I had a blast messing with family that didn’t know us.. {Hi, I’m Kristy.. Hi, I’m Kristie..} hahahahaa.. And my little shy children (Demet & Bella) Loved EVERYONE. Bella never cried when someone new had her and she loved Hal, Kristy and Luke the best. =)  The next day (Sunday the 25th) We had about 160 there! Not too bad. Our family (Team Aqua) had the most people at 39. We didn’t play games but we had a blast. I was asked to get some games started but after pictures people started leaving so we just let it go.  Next year, when the crowd is smaller we will for sure play some games! It was so much fun and we had a blast. I got a really cool gift from Norma Jean (my great-Aunt) A copy of my great grandma’s Diary! It is so cool!! I am gonna miss my new found friendships and I am pretty sure I am gonna plan on a day trip to see them before next summer. =)

Now, back the work week. Gonna head to the pool today for a little bit before work. Then I close tonight. Next week I work day’s since Matt is taking a vacation day. It’ll be hard to wake up at 5:30am.  3 weeks till school starts back up. About time to school shop. Good thing I do not buy clothes for them until the season change. (Maybe I’ll head to Kansas City to shop ;-p) Ahhh. time to get ready to go to the pool.  Hope you enjoyed the update.

Oh. and I get to see my bestie in a couple weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOT!


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  1. Tomi
    Jul 27, 2010 @ 17:31:53

    Your bestie is smokin hot. just sayin.


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