likes and and not so much

I like to eat at Panera Bread. I do not love working at Panera Bread.

I like having insurance.  I am not a fan of them not covering my cleaning that I had done.

I like having friends.. I don’t enjoy them all being to far away or moving away.

I like having a good paycheck. I do not like using all the money to pay bills.

I Love my family and my bestest Friends.

That is all.


“There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.” – Celia Thaxter

Ahhh.. the day’s of summer. Wow, time has Flown by this year. Not like it doesn’t any other summer, but I am pretty sure we had a lot more time off from school that the kids do now. The big kids are at the pool, for one last swim before they close down for the summer. I would have liked to go, but frankly, I was lazy and didn’t wanna get ready to go for only an hour.  The kids start school with a half day on Wedesday!  I can’t grasp the fact that I have a 6th grader and a 2nd grader! Not only did summer fly but so did life! Hannah will be 12 in 2 monthes!!!!! Even crazier is that this time next year she will almost be a … (gasp) teenager!!!

Bella is soo adorable! She is really starting to take steps. Sometimes, if she’s happy, she’ll walk like 10 steps to get to something.  She is still not a fan of people she doesn’t know very well. She does better with small groups or with someone at our house. She will be sad when the kids go back to school. She loves her “boogs” and “nanna”. 

Demet is excited happy about going back to school. He wants to see his friends. But he is totally a summer boy and is not ready to give up his outside time. He has the teacher he wanted for this year and has some friends in his class. We go to meet the teacher and drop off his school supplies on Tuesday.

Hannah is totally overjoyed with school to begin…hahahaaa… Yea Right! She isn’t as frowny about it as normal but mostly cuz she is bored … all the time… bored! lol. She has friends in her class, and we meet the teacher on Tuesday too.

Matt and I switch shifts again tomorow.. and go back to normal. I will be up before the sun is and at work before most of you have your first cup of coffee.  I am not excited about that, but I am excited to have my workday over with by 2pm. Matt will be happy to get back to normal. We had ourselves a little date the other night. Bella was with us but we went out to eat at like 10pm and just talked.. =) it was nice.  We haven’t done that in a long while!!  matt is also in the process of building a deck out back. I am pretty excited to have a deck to enjoy next time family comes to visit from out of town! =)

My Best friend, Tomi got to come visit last week. It was cool to see her again. We have known each other forever (since 7th grade or so) and we hadn’t seen eachother in 3 years! We got to hang out and talk.. the kids had fun playing too. =) and we went out to eat and had some super yummy tenderloins!!! ahh. my mouth waters just thinking about it! 

I have made some new friends this summer and am sad to be losing some friends this spring. Well, not really losing them, they are just moving away! Stupid Edwardsville! =( I guess I will go back to the mom that sits at home with the kids. lol.  I am glad for FB that helps me keep in touch with alot of my family and most of my friends.

I am also on the search for a new part-time job. I have sent out my resume and filled out a few apps. One of which is at Demet’s school for a cook’s position. It will take some hour shifting at Panera, but I think I can do both jobs for awhile.  Anywho.. .that’s my update. have a great day! =)