New Job

Here are some things I love about my New job

1. No Stress

2. I leave Panera early

3. Kids

4. All the ladies I work with are funny and sweet

5. Easy!!!

6. I get home from work by 1:22

7. I know how many kids are coming to eat lunch EVERY shift.

8. Everything is in Order and they like lists!!

9. I get to wear jeans and tennis shoes

10. I don’t smell when I get home.

11. I get to move around and do different things.

12. I see Molly Stroot at work!!

13. Salad bar and lunch for free. ❤

…. and I am sure as I work there more I will find more things I love!

what do I not Love about my new job??

1. The sink is too low. ;-p

As you can tell, I had a good first day at the new job. It is alot of fun. I like it alot.

Peace Out.



October is a pretty busy time of year for birthday’s in my family. It’s only the 9th of the month and we’ve already had 7  birthdays… and we have more to come! Today happens to be my mama’s birthday and we are also having Hannah’s Birthday party since I have Crystal’s wedding stuff the next 2 weekends. I hope the party goes well. I really like having people over.. but I always fear that I will have a boring party and people are gonna wonder why they didn’t do something else.

Yesterday my mom came to Quincy and we went shopping. Christmas shopping and it was 80 degree’s outside. I think I may have gotten more done than her, but I am ok with that. I got home and wrapped some stuff up and figured out what I had and what I needed. I also need more name labels and wrapping paper. I finally got through all the labels I bought 2 years ago. I think I am doing pretty good. Most the neices and nephews are close to done. Only 1 or 2 things left for them each. And Megan (my sister) is done! Angela( I have her name this year) is done!

Ellington School got through the cup stacking championship and I think it went alot smoother than it did last year. The kids were adorable and I loved every minute of it. I think they did too. It did make for a VERY long weekend though.

I got a new job. Only part-time. I will still be at Panera in the mornings and then I am heading over to Madison School (k-3) to help with serving lunch. I am pretty excited and also nervous. I am ready for a change but I am also not a fan of new things. I will love working with kids and I will love the lunch shifts and KNOWING how many kids we are serving.

Well… I have to go.. guests are coming in.. =) hopefully I can get updated more often!