New Job

Here are some things I love about my New job

1. No Stress

2. I leave Panera early

3. Kids

4. All the ladies I work with are funny and sweet

5. Easy!!!

6. I get home from work by 1:22

7. I know how many kids are coming to eat lunch EVERY shift.

8. Everything is in Order and they like lists!!

9. I get to wear jeans and tennis shoes

10. I don’t smell when I get home.

11. I get to move around and do different things.

12. I see Molly Stroot at work!!

13. Salad bar and lunch for free. ❤

…. and I am sure as I work there more I will find more things I love!

what do I not Love about my new job??

1. The sink is too low. ;-p

As you can tell, I had a good first day at the new job. It is alot of fun. I like it alot.

Peace Out.


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