Here are some random things about me.

I hate things to be out of their place. I dislike clutter. I need everything in it’s place (or my place for it)

I love reading. I enjoy romance novels or biographies about someone I would like to know about.

I can not stand whinny kids. I know when your tired you whine. I do too.. but there are just some kids that Whine about EVERYTHING!!! It’s not ok to whine about the fact that your hungry, Just say it. It’s not ok to whine about having to brush your teeth.. just do it! Ugh.

I get very annoyed with parents who let their kids talk smack to them. It is OUR JOBS as parents to teach our children how to act in this life.. If we let them talk to us this way how will they treat a teacher/pastor/friend/stranger??

I LOVE spending time with my family. Nothing better than a family game night.

I LOVE sleep. I have always needed alot of sleep. Ask my mom. I slept through the night when I came home from the hospital. I can NOT take naps though. They make me feel like poo. Neigher can my grandma.. unless we are sick.

I believe that “I don’t know” is NOT an answer! ugh

I get very grumpy about bedtime and can’t stand any major noise.

I have had the same best friend since I was about 12ish. =)

I met My husband, Matt, online in an AOL chat room in 2002

I won’t say if I am done having kids cuz the thought makes me sad. But I don’t want another baby anytime soon at all.

I am not a morning person.. and yet I go to work at 5:30AM! yuck!!

I am tired.. So I am going to tuck the kids in bed and go there myself. MUAH