Updates are not as easy as they appear.

I read alot of blogs.. it’s almost like ready a book about someones life sometimes.. sometimes it’s just funny and a nice way to unwind. I have read a few blogs over the years and have kept up with a couple for a long time. I feel like I know them.. their familes… their stories. I wish that I could write like that. I wanted to update my blog. Let everyone know what’s new. It’s really hard to write a blog about nothing. And let’s be honest, NO one wants to read a blog about nothing.  My life is pretty simple, I think this is a good thing. It’s almost drama free. Just regular kid stuff. Pre-teen attitudes, sibling fights.. ect.  But I want to be able to write a blog about stuff people will be excited to read.. and go back a look at. Well, maybe not.. cuz then I would have to write a blog everyday.  =)  My best friend can write a blog that makes me laugh and enjoy reading everytime she updates. Oh well.. On to the real update.

Our house has been pretty quiet since Christmas. Matt is starting Arabella’s bedroom. We har hoping to have her in her room (crib & all) by the time she is 2! Which is ONLY 4 monthes away! Can you believe it!?!?! She is such a smart little girl. We have been working on potty training. She does really well when you sit her down.. but she doesn’t pull her pants down or try on her own at all.  We practice looking at pictures of family with her so she can learn everyone’s names. She just got over her sinus infection. Hopfully she stay’s healthy for the rest of the season. She will be starting swimming lessons soon too.  Demet is growing so fast. He is 7 1/2 and wears a size 14/16 in undershirts, 10 in jeans, 10-12 in shirts, and size 5 in shoes!! He is doing really good in school and is super smart like his daddy. He is starting a little bit of the smarty pants stuff.. but hates to be in trouble so I can still make him feel guilty. (YAY)  He has alot of friends and enjoys hanging out with them. Hannah is doing good in school also. Although, Hannah could be doing better than she is. She has a hard time staying focused in school and so her mid-term grades went lower than I would like to see.  She is becoming a young lady before our eyes. About once a month I can really see a light at the end of the Pre-teen tunnel. =) Matt and I will be married for 9 years next month! We look like we always have. We wear the same sizes. I am taking a pilates class in hopes of tonning my “baby” belly.

Well.. I am sorta tired of writting.. and Bella is trying to turn off the laptop since I won’t give her her “Chuuu”.. (Aka binky) She gets down right mad about it. lol Anywho. Time to make the chili. Toodles