The end of the School Year…

Wow. It seems like the school year just started.  In just 4 monthes I will have kid in Jr high!  It just doesn’t seem possible that in 6 monthes from today I will have a teenager!! OMGosh! That totally freaks me out!! 

This summer is gonna be pretty low key. We are getting the pool passes once again. Matt and I are both gonna work day shifts and then head to the pool every day possible with the kiddo’s.  Bella may hate the bath but she LOVES the pool, just like my other kids. I am pretty excited to sit in the hot sun and soak up the rays! This year Bella will really enjoy it I think. Hannah will be watching the kids while we work. This seems so weird, but she is closing in on 13 and she took her babysitting class this last weekend so she now knows CPR and all that jazz. Plus, since I am less than a mile from home.. it makes me feel better.  

There is gonna be ALOT of grilling in the summer. Hotdogs, Hamburger, Steaks, Chicken… Kabobs. =) Yummy. And bonus, my kitchen won’t get sooo hot.  Our kitchen is smaller and since it is so small it holds that heat from the oven and kills us with it for the rest of the night.

We have a couple trips planned this summer. 1st for Arabella’s birthday.. a trip to the zoo. I am soo excited about this.  Then at the end of  July the kids & I are going over to see some family in Kirksville for a long family reunion weekend. Then the day after we return home.. Matt, the Kids and I are heading out for our family trip. I would share info about this… but I haven’t gotten much out of Matt about what’s happening. =)    Demet has Basketball camp the first full week in June and His birthday is the end of May! My Baby Boy will be 8!!! He is having a “friend” party at Aladdins Castle. We are ever so excited about that!!!

As for an update about how we’re all doing….. I enjoy the new job at the school, but I hate doing the dishes there.. lol  Most the kids at the school are sweet. I am learning to work with my new paycheck .. =) I do miss working all day at Panera.. Some days.. but in just a few weeks I will be working 40 hours a week there. Pretty excited for those paychecks! hhehehe.  The kids are doing AWESOME in school. Hannah is on the Honor Roll. All A’s with 1 B. Demet has all high marks too.  I think they are ready for summer though.  Matt is ready for summer too. We all love being able to spend time together and this will be the first time since I had Bella that I will have Summer nights off and be home with the whole family!!

I am tired.  Bella is rolling her marshmellows into the carpet. and I need to get the kids in bed.  Sooo Goodnight and your welcome! ❤