“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Hey everyone. I felt like blogging so here I am. Summer is coming to a close. The big kids start school tomorow. Yeah, on a Friday. Odd, but maybe there is a reason for it.  Hannah is entering 7th grade and in Quincy that means Jr High. Demet is in 3rd and that is the last year of Elemtary school here. Arabella will be working on homeschool – preschool. We have been working on her ABC’s and counting along with colors but starting Monday we are gonna really work on it for a couple hours a day. I got back to Madison school in the lunch room tomorow. Pretty excited to get my days back in order and know what I am working everyday! Matt goes back to nights tomorow as well. I am gonna miss him at home in the evenings and going to bed with him.. but it’s what’s best for our family at this time.  I am also chairing a few events at Demet’s school this year and of course volunteering for as much as I can muster. I love being able to get involved with the school and the familes there.

Another thought that as been on my mind as of late is having another baby. Apparently God si telling me something.  I have always felt a pull very strongly toward having a baby each time after Hannah. I would have told you I wasn’t sure about another baby only 6 monthes ago and 3 monthes ago it would have been “maybe”.. now.. I am 99.5% sure that we will have another baby.  To some of you this will be a surprise.. to others you probably saw it coming.  Matt and I have talked about it and we will chose a time that will work for our family. Not quite yet.. but not too far away either. =)

I can’t believe Hannah will be 13 in October!! It is so weird. She has grown up alot over the summer and we will be taking a shopping trip for her birthday. =)

Anywho. I’m sure I’ll get the kick to write again at some point! Tata for now.