October is a pretty busy time of year for birthday’s in my family. It’s only the 9th of the month and we’ve already had 7  birthdays… and we have more to come! Today happens to be my mama’s birthday and we are also having Hannah’s Birthday party since I have Crystal’s wedding stuff the next 2 weekends. I hope the party goes well. I really like having people over.. but I always fear that I will have a boring party and people are gonna wonder why they didn’t do something else.

Yesterday my mom came to Quincy and we went shopping. Christmas shopping and it was 80 degree’s outside. I think I may have gotten more done than her, but I am ok with that. I got home and wrapped some stuff up and figured out what I had and what I needed. I also need more name labels and wrapping paper. I finally got through all the labels I bought 2 years ago. I think I am doing pretty good. Most the neices and nephews are close to done. Only 1 or 2 things left for them each. And Megan (my sister) is done! Angela( I have her name this year) is done!

Ellington School got through the cup stacking championship and I think it went alot smoother than it did last year. The kids were adorable and I loved every minute of it. I think they did too. It did make for a VERY long weekend though.

I got a new job. Only part-time. I will still be at Panera in the mornings and then I am heading over to Madison School (k-3) to help with serving lunch. I am pretty excited and also nervous. I am ready for a change but I am also not a fan of new things. I will love working with kids and I will love the lunch shifts and KNOWING how many kids we are serving.

Well… I have to go.. guests are coming in.. =) hopefully I can get updated more often!


likes and and not so much

I like to eat at Panera Bread. I do not love working at Panera Bread.

I like having insurance.  I am not a fan of them not covering my cleaning that I had done.

I like having friends.. I don’t enjoy them all being to far away or moving away.

I like having a good paycheck. I do not like using all the money to pay bills.

I Love my family and my bestest Friends.

That is all.

“There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.” – Celia Thaxter

Ahhh.. the day’s of summer. Wow, time has Flown by this year. Not like it doesn’t any other summer, but I am pretty sure we had a lot more time off from school that the kids do now. The big kids are at the pool, for one last swim before they close down for the summer. I would have liked to go, but frankly, I was lazy and didn’t wanna get ready to go for only an hour.  The kids start school with a half day on Wedesday!  I can’t grasp the fact that I have a 6th grader and a 2nd grader! Not only did summer fly but so did life! Hannah will be 12 in 2 monthes!!!!! Even crazier is that this time next year she will almost be a … (gasp) teenager!!!

Bella is soo adorable! She is really starting to take steps. Sometimes, if she’s happy, she’ll walk like 10 steps to get to something.  She is still not a fan of people she doesn’t know very well. She does better with small groups or with someone at our house. She will be sad when the kids go back to school. She loves her “boogs” and “nanna”. 

Demet is excited happy about going back to school. He wants to see his friends. But he is totally a summer boy and is not ready to give up his outside time. He has the teacher he wanted for this year and has some friends in his class. We go to meet the teacher and drop off his school supplies on Tuesday.

Hannah is totally overjoyed with school to begin…hahahaaa… Yea Right! She isn’t as frowny about it as normal but mostly cuz she is bored … all the time… bored! lol. She has friends in her class, and we meet the teacher on Tuesday too.

Matt and I switch shifts again tomorow.. and go back to normal. I will be up before the sun is and at work before most of you have your first cup of coffee.  I am not excited about that, but I am excited to have my workday over with by 2pm. Matt will be happy to get back to normal. We had ourselves a little date the other night. Bella was with us but we went out to eat at like 10pm and just talked.. =) it was nice.  We haven’t done that in a long while!!  matt is also in the process of building a deck out back. I am pretty excited to have a deck to enjoy next time family comes to visit from out of town! =)

My Best friend, Tomi got to come visit last week. It was cool to see her again. We have known each other forever (since 7th grade or so) and we hadn’t seen eachother in 3 years! We got to hang out and talk.. the kids had fun playing too. =) and we went out to eat and had some super yummy tenderloins!!! ahh. my mouth waters just thinking about it! 

I have made some new friends this summer and am sad to be losing some friends this spring. Well, not really losing them, they are just moving away! Stupid Edwardsville! =( I guess I will go back to the mom that sits at home with the kids. lol.  I am glad for FB that helps me keep in touch with alot of my family and most of my friends.

I am also on the search for a new part-time job. I have sent out my resume and filled out a few apps. One of which is at Demet’s school for a cook’s position. It will take some hour shifting at Panera, but I think I can do both jobs for awhile.  Anywho.. .that’s my update. have a great day! =)

3 weeks left.

Wow! Summer has flown by. Last blog I wrote I was sitting in my garage, making some money for our trip to St. Louis.  St. Louis was Great! It was a nice mini-vacation. We did alot in a short amount of time. Got together on Sunday (07/11) with Jessi, Mike and Mikey. and Headed over to Grants Farm. It was really neat. Jessi and her family were great tour guides! and Demet had a blast with Mikey.  The Poe’s headed home so Mike could relax and Jessi could start dinner. Matt the kids and I went over and checked out the historical home on the site. It was very neat. and I enjoyed it.  Afterwards we were invited to the Poe’s to have the most YUMMY Bbq!!! Thanks Jess and Mike!!!

On Monday we headed to IHOP for breakfast before heading over to the Mall. =) We shopped until everyone but Hannah and I dropped. lol. Demet bought $13 in gummy candy and Hannah got a new top from Abercrombie. I got a sweet pair of shorts from Guess and some cute tops.

On Tuesday we headed to the Zoo. We met the Drew’s there. Demet, Zach, and Zoe were surprised to see eachother. It was cute  to watch Demet with his friends.  They played and walked ahead of us and chatted, totally adorable. The Drews had to head home early, but we closed the place down. =) It was Hot but fun. Did you know it is the Zoo’s 100 year annivesary? Then we headed to Olive Garden before heading home.

Then we have a boring week and a half or work before my amazing Reunion Weekend! We left Quincy around 11am and headed to Kirksville. The drive was an easy one for sure. We got to the hotel and checked in and the headed to pizza hut to eat some lunch. Went back to the hotel and swam while we waited for my newest friend, Aimee and her husband Randal and son Luke. Of course, we are also related. =)  We hung out for awhile by the pool and then got changed and just talked for awhile downstairs. Around 5:45 (after the crazy storm had passed) we headed out to Carmen and Hal’s for a BBQ. OMGosh! Why didn’t anyone ever tell me to come ealry before!?!? It was soo much fun I have decieded to go early every year! It was great to see everyone and to hang out and just get to know family a little bit better.  I learned a little bit about getting a Hog ready to cook.  It was really cool. Kristy and I had a blast messing with family that didn’t know us.. {Hi, I’m Kristy.. Hi, I’m Kristie..} hahahahaa.. And my little shy children (Demet & Bella) Loved EVERYONE. Bella never cried when someone new had her and she loved Hal, Kristy and Luke the best. =)  The next day (Sunday the 25th) We had about 160 there! Not too bad. Our family (Team Aqua) had the most people at 39. We didn’t play games but we had a blast. I was asked to get some games started but after pictures people started leaving so we just let it go.  Next year, when the crowd is smaller we will for sure play some games! It was so much fun and we had a blast. I got a really cool gift from Norma Jean (my great-Aunt) A copy of my great grandma’s Diary! It is so cool!! I am gonna miss my new found friendships and I am pretty sure I am gonna plan on a day trip to see them before next summer. =)

Now, back the work week. Gonna head to the pool today for a little bit before work. Then I close tonight. Next week I work day’s since Matt is taking a vacation day. It’ll be hard to wake up at 5:30am.  3 weeks till school starts back up. About time to school shop. Good thing I do not buy clothes for them until the season change. (Maybe I’ll head to Kansas City to shop ;-p) Ahhh. time to get ready to go to the pool.  Hope you enjoyed the update.

Oh. and I get to see my bestie in a couple weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOT!

garage sale

Sitting in the garage .. waiting to make money. Wishing I had some food cuz I am hungry. I have had one  (well, two) customers.. Of course they were the next door neighboors. =) .. but hey, they spent $8.10.  And I guess I could count the lady who drove up and said.. “you have lots of baby clothes?” and I said “yes”. and she went back to her car.. but I’d rather not count people who didn’t buy anything. lol. If I had thought ahead I woulda posted an ad in the paper,  but since I planned this like 2 days ahead.. Nope, no ad.  hehehe. I know I have alot of 2 kinds of stuff. (Bella’s & Hannah’s) so it’s gonna be a little harder to find the right people. But since I live on a pretty busy street I should do ok.

I am sending Matt to the Doc with Bella today. She hasn’t been sleeping well the last 3 nights and I think she is running a low grade fever at night too. This may be from teething but since we are going out of town for a couple days I’d rather make sure she doesn’t have an ear infection. She also has a weird blister/zit like thing right my her mouth and one inside on her inner lip. I tried to look up what it was online but none of the pics looked right.

I am hungry!

I think Hannah may drive me nuts if she doesn’t stop say.. “is somebody here?”… she is sitting RIGHT next to me. She can see what I see. ugh.

I am tired.  I am hungry. Maybe I will find an awesome game to play online and sit here all day.. (or until 1pm) and enjoy myself. =)

Time to find breakfast.


“The clouds I can handle. But I can’t fight with an eclipse.” – Jacob (Eclipse Chapter 26)

Busy Week = Amazing Week!

Last Monday Sucked. Tuesday was better..

Wedesday = Super Awesome. I went to dinner and a movie with some friends.. Mexcian was the food. Eclipse was the movie! People were smart at the theaters and they opened up alot of theater space for the show. =) Not too bad of crowds. It was pretty Awesome!! The Cullens get Cuter with each moive. Even Jasper was a little sexy when he got all bossy. lol.  I have to say Emmitt is my favorite though.  The books are so much better than the movies. I like the details and the quotes that they didn’t have the time to fit into the movie.  All in all it was really good. I enjoyed it and each one gets better.

I am burning up! ugh.

Thursday. .. Not much to write about. Work. Friday.. Work…

Saturday was pretty great too. I worked in the morning. Got off and took Hannah to the pool and then Demet and I headed to go see “The Last Airbender”. If you had seen any of my late night posts on FB a couple weeks ago, you’d know that Demet and I started watching all the Avatar  – The Last Airbender shows on TV. It is a Great series. A cartoon that you have to watch to know what is going on. It has Seasons and episodes you need to watch to see what happens to the kids that are the main people in the show. Demet and I enjoyed the movie. (which will be have another 2 movies to come) We have never had a mommy/son date and it was really fun. We got popcorn and soda and giggled and we had a blast.  Then after the movie we headed home to pick up daddy and Bella and we joined Hannah at the pool for a couple hours.  It was a little breezy but still nice and since it was late it was pretty well cleared out. ;-p  Then we went home to change and went to eat at Wendy’s. Much to our surprise we ran into my BFF’s  (and mine) dad and family.. and along with them my sweet “nephews” from Texas! I hadn’t got to see them since they came back to visit this summer yet and was so excited to see them. Jadyn and Jayce get so BIG everytime I see them!! Demet and Jadyn get along so well and we are working on a sleepover for them hopefully later this week. =) Then my girls and I went shopping.

Sunday (4th of July) .. We headed to Church then down to the Grandparents for a yummy BBQ and great visits. Then Matt, the kids, and myself headed to downtown Hannibal to check out the crafts and rides of Tom Sawyer Days. We saw some really cool stuff and the big kids got to ride a couple rides a piece.  Then we headed back to hang out with grandma and grandpa before we went to my mom’s for Fireworks ! =) We had a pretty good turn out and about 2 hours of Fireworks to set off. Matt was the great fireworks master. Bella enjoyed the smaller ones and only cried once.  We picked some really pretty ones this year! We headed home around 10:50pm.

Then it starts over… lol.. Today was good. My mean manager has been calm. and pretty nice to more than just me. =) I guess I should head down to bed. I’ll take my book. It’s cooler downstairs and I am so hot.  I miss my Bestie! and I hope she gets Vacation SOON!!!!  ps. Don’t forget to send Bella’s bday. ;-p


Listen before you act.

Some of you know I had a bad day yesterday. If you know me at all you know that I let things I have NO control over eat at me and bother me till I am a mess.  I hate to be a disapointment to anyone and I don’t do things that might upset someone else if I can help it. My biggest pet-peeve is being talked down to! I HATE HATE HATE being talked to like I am a child. I am 30 years old. I have 3 kids. I take my job and life seriously. I understand alot of different points of view.. that doesn’t mean I agree with them. As managment you should never use your title to act like your better than me. YOUR almost 70 and the biggest thing you’ve done in YOUR life in run a KFC and you stopped doing that. You hate your son and his wife! (great way to shut out your only child) and you run around doing “your stuff” being basicly saying “screw you” to other people when they need help at 6pm. Maybe if you would have come up to me LAST week and talked to me and asked me questions instead of ignoring me cuz you were mad at me.. you woulda found out my side. You told everyone other person about how upset you were. Frankly, that is not how you do managment. I also do not think it was right to tell other people you were gonna write me up and discuss the isssue with other employee’s, even before you talked to me about it! As a manager you should know better. I did what I was supposed to do to take care of the problem. it is NOT my fault that the ball got dropped! That is not right at all. I work hard. I have NEVER called in sick.. (EVERYONE but 2 people have called in sick.. you included)  I come to work and do what I am told. I hardly ever argue with anyone. I keep my mouth shut when you do something stupid! I even try to help you with your “diet”. I hate that you thought I could just say “screw you” to my fellow workers and not come to work when you thought I was supposed to be there. If you would have asked you would have known that I can’t come before 11! I have talked to other managers about this and NO one else has an isssue. Just you! I’m sure it will not get resolved. I will not get an  “i’m sorry” ..You will just watch me and wait for something else to happen so you can fire me. I will not wait for that. God will open up new doors and I will move on. I love my fellow co-workers .. (most of them) and the customers are amazing.. (most the time) But I am stressed because of the way I am treated by my manangment. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to make you happy. It’s a freaking resturant … as someone a long time ago told me… “it’s just sandwiches”


Happy Birthday to my “Nephew”, Jadyn Tyler Fletcher.  =)

Here’s to a better day today and a great rest of the week.


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